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Electronics, Sensors and Photonics (ESP) round-up

Posted on 14/03/2019

Between now and the end of May there are nine KTN events for the Electronics, Sensors & Photonics community, including funding competition briefings.


ESP for Robotics in extreme environments – up to £2m available

KTN and Innovate UK are holding three briefing events in support of this competition for R&D funding from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund for ESP for robotics in extreme environments.

Up to £2m funding may be available for:
·      Feasibility studies – total eligible costs £25,000 – £100,000
·      Collaborative R&D – total eligible costs £50,000 – £250,000

Successful proposals will demonstrate a thorough understanding of whole system design requirements for Robotics and AI in extreme environments.

Three briefing events will be held and further details about the competition and a link to registration can be found on the specific event pages.
19 March – London (also available via webcast)
21 March – Edinburgh
26 March – Cardiff


EUREKA Collaborative R&D competition: Photonics for Advanced Manufacturing – up to £2m available

Innovate UK is investing up to £2m to fund UK businesses, Research and Technology Organisations and universities participating in collaborative projects conducting predominantly industrial research with partners from the EUREKA Network in Photonics.

The competition specifically addresses photonic technologies in order to improve processes and/or products.

More details about the participating countries, the in-scope photonic technologies, the in-scope industries and a link to the registration pages can be found on each specific event page.

4 April – London (also available via webcast)
8 April – South Wales
9 April – North Wales
24 April – Edinburgh


10th Intelligent Imaging, 29 April, London

To help speed up the innovation and commercialisation of imaging technology, KTN organises one-day networking workshops to provide a platform to bring relevant imaging communities together to network, share knowledge and to collaborate.

The 10th Intelligent Imaging event will bring imaging end-user communities, imaging technology providers, novel imaging technology researchers, innovation funders and other relevant stakeholders together.  Delegates can share their knowledge on market challenges, state-of-the-art commercial technologies, emerging imaging technology research and innovation funding opportunities.  The event will stimulate new ideas, encouraging delegates to network and facilitate partnership and collaboration development and to promote and speed up business innovation development in the imaging technology sector in the UK.

General admission is free and there is the opportunity for paid for exhibition spaces for interested companies to showcase their imaging technologies/expertise and capabilities at the event.

For more information and a link to the registration page, click here.


48th Intelligent Sensing programme – Sensing in harsh environments, 21 May, Solihull

Following the transformation of the digital world, there are increasing needs for sensing technologies that can operate in harsh environments, such as those required for infrastructure monitoring in transportation and civil engineering, smart building, precision agriculture and those exposed to chemicals and other harsh environments in variety of industries and environmental sectors.  The UK has a strong industrial presence in many such industry sectors where sensors needs to operate in harsh environments.  It also has a vibrant sensor research community relevant to harsh environment sensing technologies.

In this one-day event, KTN aims to bring together industry-users, sensor technology providers, new technology developers and other relevant stakeholders including innovation funders, to network, share knowledge, to stimulate new ideas, develop collaborations and partnerships and to promote the innovation development in such sensing technologies in the UK.

For more information about the event, table-top exhibition opportunities and a link to the registration page, click here.

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