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Emerging and Enabling Technologies funding round-up

Posted on 14/08/2019

Find out about the latest funding calls of relevance to the Emerging and Enabling Technologies sectors. Updated 15th June 2020.

The funding landscape can be complex, so KTN’s Emerging and Enabling Technologies teams have created a list of some of the latest relevant funding calls for the Emerging Technologies, Quantum and Position and Navigation and Timing (PNT) sectors, as well as for the Electronics, Photonics, Sensors and ICT ones.

The teams will be happy to help if you wish to find out more about these or other funding opportunities, need help to find collaborative partners or are seeking advice on how to apply for funding. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

See our Covid-19 funding round-up for all Covid-related funding calls.

UK Canada Quantum Technology Programme CR&D competition

NSERC, the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada, will work with Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, to invest up to £2 million in innovation projects. These will be to advance the development and application of quantum technologies.

The aim of this competition is to enable bilateral collaboration between UK and Canada. Your proposal must include at least one UK and one Canadian partner. In the UK collaborations must be led by a business, and in Canada by an RTO or university.

The project must address at least one of the following:

  • quantum secure communications
  • quantum computing and simulation
  • quantum sensing and imaging

For more information, click here. Closing date: 29th July 2020.

Competition: Intelligent Ship Phase 2

This competition is seeking proposals for novel and innovative technologies, approaches, and enablers to revolutionise military decision-making, mission planning and automation. The eventual aim, for 2030 and beyond, is to exploit a human-machine network that could work collaboratively on military platforms.

This Phase 2 call seeks projects to support the evaluation and demonstration of a range of human-machine teams, or Agents for Decision-Making (ADeMs), and their integration with an evaluation environment (the Intelligent Ship Artificial Intelligence Network (ISAIN)). An agent could be an AI application, a human, or a mix of the two.

Challenge 1 seeks a supplier to integrate ISAIN with a range of ADeMs (either already developed in Phase 1 or within other Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) core programmes, or to be developed during Phase 2). The evaluation of this will be developed based on a set of Front Line Command objectives and a national scenario. The key aim of this challenge is to understand, quantify and demonstrate the risks and opportunities of managing a complex network that includes both AI agents and human operators.

Challenge 2 seeks multiple suppliers to develop new or to enhance existing ADeMs to feed the evaluation within challenge 1. Outputs should aim to be ISAIN-ready and be available as options for a demonstration/evaluation.

£3m total funding is available. The maximum funding available for challenge 1 is £1.5M, expected to fund 1 proposal. The maximum funding available for challenge 2 is £250k per proposal. If successful, contracts will be 16 months.

Webinars for prospective applicants will be held on 23rd June. The deadline for applications is 4th August.

For more information, click here.

UKRI open call for research and innovation ideas to address COVID-19

Registration opens: 31.03.2020,  There is no closing date – proposals can be submitted at any time.

UKRI will support excellent proposals of up to 18 months duration which meet at least one of the following:

  • New research or innovation with a clear impact pathway that has the potential (within the period of the award) to deliver a significant contribution to the understanding of, and response to, the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts.
  • Supports the manufacture and/or wide scale adoption of an intervention with significant potential
  • Gathers critical data and resources quickly for future research use

Click here for more information.

EUREKA collaborative R&D: advanced materials

Registration opens: 05.03.2020, Closing date: 30.06.20

Award: Your total eligible project costs must be between £100,000 and £1 million. This includes costs from all partners, from the UK and all other participating members. The total grant available to the UK applicants on the project is up to £350,000.

Organisation: EUREKA

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, is investing up to £1 million to fund collaborative business led research and development (R&D) projects. These must result in a new product, industrial process or service. Projects must be innovative and involve a technological risk.

Click here for more information.

Business Wales Covid-19 Resilience Innovation Project Support

Registration opens: 23.03.2020, Closing date: 30.06.20

As part of the Welsh Government’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are looking at supporting Innovative projects that can have a direct impact on how we fight the virus.

The Covid-19 Resilience Innovation Project Support can be used to fund:

  • The purchasing of specific equipment
  • Adjustments to existing processes
  • Implementation of new processes

Click here for more information.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Current KTP period closes 15th July 2020 (after this the next round will be available immediately, so don’t rush your application unnecessarily).

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)  links your organisation with one of the UK’s world-class knowledge bases (a university or research organisation) to power strategic innovation projects, embed expertise and drive commercial growth. needed to develop it, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership may be the answer. It creates a dynamic three-way collaboration – between a business or not for profit organisation, a UK university or research organisation, and a suitably qualified graduate – to help realise a strategic innovation project, bring about transformative change and embed new capability.

Read more


Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Just like our highly effective KTP programme, Management KTPs (MKTPs) create a dynamic 3-way partnership between your company, a team of academic experts and a skilled graduate. The focus of a MKTP is specifically on increasing effectiveness and improving results through better management practices.

These are available on the same deadlines as KTPs, drawing from a separate funding pot.

Future Fight Challenge phase 2: development and fast track

Registration opens: 11.05.2020, Closing date: 01.07.20

Award: Project size £150,000-£500,000 (fast track): £500,000-£10m (development). Up to to 70% of project costs can be covered.

Innovate UK will invest up to £30 million in innovation projects as part of phase 2 of the Future Flight Challenge. We will fund projects that develop integrated aviation systems and/or vehicle technologies that enable new classes of electric or autonomous air vehicles. Solutions should be able to be integrated into a mature operational environment, ensuring safe and reliable operation in flight and on the ground.

This is phase 2 of a 3-phase programme. In this phase, we are funding projects up to 18 months duration. We particularly welcome projects of shorter duration who can deliver rapid impact.

Click here for more information.

Catalysing Green Innovation: strand 1, advancing PEMD supply chain

Registration opens: 16.06.2020, Closing date: 29.07.20

Award: Your project’s total eligible costs must be between £100,000 and £500,000. Up to 70% of costs can be covered.

This is part of a larger effort to catalyse the green economic recovery in transport, energy and industrial sectors.

In this strand, up to £5 million will be invested in business-led innovation projects that enable UK supply chain and manufacturing capability growth in power electronics, machines and drives (PEMD). Projects will facilitate future improvements in productivity, capacity, quality or efficiency.

Click here for more information.

Catalysing Green Innovation: strand 2: Securing the future of ZEV

Registration opens: 17.06.2020, Closing date: 29.07.20

Award: Your project’s total eligible costs must be between £100,000 and £500,000. Up to 70% of costs can be covered.

This is part of a larger effort to catalyse the green economic recovery in transport, energy and industrial sectors.

In this strand, OLEV is working with Innovate UK to invest up to £10 million in innovative feasibility studies and R&D projects. These are 6-month rapid-delivery projects to develop on-vehicle and charging technologies that will secure the future of the zero emission vehicles (ZEV) industry in the UK.

Click here for more information.

Eureka: healthy ageing

Registration opens: 04.05.2020, Closing date: 05.08.20

Award: UK applicants can apply for total grant of up to £500,000 for each project.

Organisation: Eureka

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, is investing up to £2 million to fund collaborative research and development (CR&D) projects focused on industrial research.

Click here for more information.

Horizon 2020: Fast Track to Innovation FTI

Registration opens: 07.11.2017, Closing date: 27.10.20

Award: Share of €100m

Organisation: Horizon 2020

FTI accelerates the market uptake of ground-breaking innovations by providing funding in an open, accessible scheme that nurtures ideas from consortia of innovators of all types and sizes from across Europe.

Proposals must relate to any field of H2020 under the specific objective “Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies” and/or to any of the specific objectives under the priority “Societal challenge”.

Click here for more information.

Horizon 2020: EIC Horizon Prize for 'Innovative Batteries for eVehicles

Registration opens: 22.02.2018, Closing date: 17.12.20

Award: Share of €10m

Organisation: Horizon 2020

The challenge is to develop a safe and sustainable battery for electric-vehicles through the development of new materials and chemistries making use of abundant, sustainable low cost materials, which are easily available in Europe. Solutions are required to provide the same or better performance than vehicles with internal combustion engines and to be capable of recharging the electric vehicle within a time equivalent to fill a conventional gasoline/diesel fuel tank.

Click here for more information.

STFC Bridging for Innovators (B4I) programme

Deadline for submissions: 01.04.21.

From start-ups to large corporates, B4I helps companies to overcome product, manufacturing or process performance issues by leveraging more than £2bn worth of government investment in world-leading science facilities. Working closely with Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) research and innovation experts, companies can develop projects that address specific innovation challenges to accelerate business productivity.

Click here to find out more.