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Energy-related funding call round-up

Posted on 08/07/2019

A round-up of the latest funding calls in the energy sector. Updated 15th June 2020.

This is a roundup of relevant funding calls for the energy sector. The details of open funding calls are below, along with links to the relevant information pages.

See our Covid-19 funding round-up for all Covid-related funding calls.

Energy Catalyst round 8: clean energy access (3 funding strands)

Apply for a share of up to £20m across 3 strands for clean, affordable and secure energy access in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia or South East Asia.

Project sizes: feasibility projects: £50k-£300k, industrial research £50k-£1.5m, experimental development £50k-£5m. Up to 70% of project costs covered depending on company size.

The aim of this competition is to support highly innovative, market-focused energy solutions in any technology or sector.

Your project must encourage the development of products and services that help countries in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, South East Asia or multiple regions access secure, low cost and low carbon energy. They must be targeted at people, public services and local enterprises who are unable to afford or access existing solutions, or who lack the time or expertise to successfully use those solutions.

Your proposal must also address all 3 elements of the energy ‘trilemma’:

  • cost
  • emissions
  • security of supply and energy access

DFID is providing up to £5 million of funding in this competition. Although DFID is willing to consider funding any technology which meets the above criteria, up to £3 million will be prioritised for projects specifically for energy storage.

DFID is also particularly interested in supporting projects in the areas of:

  • modern cooking
  • sustainable cooling
  • next generation solar
  • efficient and productive appliances
  • technologies and business models which help leave no-one behind

However, DFID will consider outstanding projects in other areas.

For more details of the three strands available, click here. The closing date for all 3 strands is 16th September 2020.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships – May-July 2020

You can improve your business’ competitiveness and productivity through funded partnerships with academics and researchers. The next funding period opens immediately following this one.
Closes: 15.07.2020

Click here to find out more.