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Energy-related funding call round-up

Posted on 08/07/2019

A round-up of the latest funding calls from large scale energy storage solutions to the design of smart, local energy systems. Updated 8th July.

There has been significant activity from government in the energy sector recently. The details of open funding calls are below, along with links to the relevant information pages.


1. BEIS Industrial Heat Recovery Support Programme – £18m

The IHRS programme will fund demonstrations of waste heat recovery from existing industrial processes and the subsequent use of the waste heat either as heat to be used on site, converted to power for use on site or supplied to a local heat network. This is not an innovation programme, so heat recovery technologies should be TRL 9 or above.

Further information and application details are here. There are several different 2-3 month assessment windows, the last of which closes on 31st September 2019.


2. Detailed Design for smart, local energy systems £28m

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) launched the £28m Detailed Designs of Smart, Local Energy Systems competition in April as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, Prospering from the Energy Revolution Programme. Watch the KTN webinar here for more information. Competition closes 7th August 2019.


3. Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge – €10k prize money per category, €100k for overall winner

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a worldwide renowned science & technology startup competition designed specifically to address the needs of deep tech entrepreneurs across several different industries and technologies.

There are 14 categories for entry:
Advanced Computing & Ai
Cybersecurity & Communication
Digital Health & Medical Devices
Drug Discovery
Food & Agriculture
Industrial Biotech
Industry 4.0
Medical Biotech
New Space
Smart City

The best start-up in each category will receive €10,000,  with the overall winner receiving an additional €90,000.

Applications are open until September 13th 2019. To find out more and apply, click here.


4. £3m Key Technology Components for Local Energy Systems competition

The £3m Key Technology Components for Local Energy Systems competition will support the development of components of an energy system that will strengthen the development of smart, local energy systems of the future that make the best use of cheaper renewables, energy storage, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, low carbon heat and digital infrastructure.

KTN ran a briefing event in London on 15th July which was recorded as a webcast – click here to view. Applications must be sent by 9th October 2019.

Click here for more details.


5. Innovate UK Smart Grants

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, will invest up to £25 million in the best game-changing, innovative or disruptive ideas with a view to commercialisation. All proposals must be business focused.

Applications can come from any area of technology (including arts, design, media or creative industries), science or engineering and be applied to any part of the economy.

Project costs can be up to £2m (or £3m if approved beforehand by Innovate UK), and can last up to 36 months. Up to 70% of the costs can be covered.

Click here for more details.


6. Innovation loans: July 2019 open competition

Innovate UK is offering up to £10 million in loans to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Loans are for highly innovative late stage projects with the best game changing and/or disruptive ideas or concepts. There should be a clear route to commercialisation and economic impact.

Projects should aim to develop new products, processes or services (or innovative use of existing ones) believed to be significantly ahead of anything similar in the field.

Your proposal can come from any technology and any part of the economy. Loans of £100k-£1m are available. Closing date for this round of applications is 11th September 2019.

Click here for more details.