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Environmentally friendly pressure sensing materials win a Rushlight Award

Posted on 05/02/2019

Quantum Technology Supersensors has been recognised for the sustainable benefits of its technology at the UK’s prestigious Rushlight Awards.

Innovative, hazardous substance free, low power processing, magnetite based Quantum Technology Supersensors (QTSS™) ‘smart’ pressure sensing materials enable new types of touch sensitive surfaces and Human Machine Interfacing solutions in electronic and electric devices.

QTSS™ materials come in a number of forms including inks, coatings, mouldable sheets, oils and gels, so can be applied as thin printed sensors onto most surfaces including recyclable paper and textiles or used for in-mould, structural, soft and conformable electronics. They change from ‘insulator’ to ‘conductor’ under pressure in proportion to the amount of force applied, exhibiting resistance change over many orders of magnitude of over a billion ohms. They also know ‘where’ and ‘how hard’ they are being pressed and can add 3D Force-Touch pressure sensing functionality to most surfaces and can be used to create single touch or multi-touch pressure sensors or strain gauges.

QTSS™ sensors printed on paper by its process partner CPI

Flexible and durable they are suitable for use in high growth markets where there is a need to reduce energy use, cost, weight and the environmental footprint of electronic & electric components, such as automotive, robotics, healthcare, IOT, consumer goods, smart cities, packaging & wearables. QTSS™ materials are Arduino & open-source software compatible, so simple to deploy into existing or future devices.

No more components in a box – the body or the coating of a device can become the electronics & electrics where the body of a device doubles as a ‘smart’ pressure sensing surface eg robots with ‘human-like’ skin can pick fruit and never hurt anyone and vehicles can have an interactive nervous system. Prosthetic limbs can achieve better fit with internal pressure mapping in the socket, and wearables and Smart Connected Homes can be created to assist an ageing society, allowing the vulnerable and elderly greater independence and safety in their own homes with clothing operating out-of-reach devices or calling for assistance, pressure sensing bed sheets reducing bed sores and ‘man-down’ alarms in flooring alerting healthcare assistants; these all become feasible with low power processing, energy saving, weight saving and cost saving QTSS™ materials.

They harness ‘nature’s’ Quantum Technology effects to reduce environmental impact allowing more sustainable product innovation, with more functionality at a reduced cost whilst advancing clean growth and the circular economy.

Julian Critchlow, Director General, Energy Transformation & Clean Growth, BEIS noted the significant role that the Rushlight Awards played in highlighting and supporting the leading innovators in the cleantech sector.

Quantum Technology Supersensors is currently working with a number of parties and seeking further opportunities to license their technology to those interested in advancing clean growth and the circular economy in the growing field of printed, flexible & conformable electronics.

David Lussey presented innovations from Quantum Technology Supersensors at KTN’s Chemistry & Industrial Biotechnology Showcase 2017, in the session on Functional Materials for Targeted Properties.

You can find out more about Quantum Technology Supersensors here.

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