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Final chance to apply for research grants to improve transport in Africa and South Asia

Posted on 02/08/2018

The Transport-Technology Research Innovation for International Development (T-TRIID) competition is open now and will close on 16 August 2018.

This is a competition to fund innovative projects to improve High Volume Transport in Africa and South Asia.

Whether you are an individual, organisation or in a partnership, you can apply for this competition as it is open to all. Having one of the organisations involved in the project based in a DFID low income country gives you the potential to earn more points in the assessment.

The competition provides funding up to £30,000 for 10 collaborative projects which show potential to address transport challenges in the following themes: long distance strategic road and rail transport, urban transport, low carbon transport and gender, accessibility and inclusion (particularly the disabled).

Please download the competition documents from here. For those interested in what the rules are on IP please download the Guidance Document, Grant Offer Letter and FAQs as these have been updated to provide further clarity.

Under the Applied Research Programme in High Volume Transport (HVT), this competition will fund short projects supporting innovative and novel ideas that enable safer and more efficient transport in various countries across low income countries in Africa and South Asia. The programme is implemented by IMC Worldwide, supported by KTN and funded by the Department for International Development.

Applying is simple! Just forward the following two completed documents only to by 23:59 16th August 2018

  • Grant Application Form (in Word)
  • DDQ Form (in Word)

Watch again: Recordings and slides from the webinar briefing events.

Good Luck!

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