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Driving the Electric Revolution - Webinar Series

Posted on 30/04/2020

The "Engage with..." DER webinar series aims to give companies a platform to present their PEMD journeys, activities, challenges and much more.

It aims to give companies a platform to present:

  • Who they are and what they do.
  • Their PEMD growth journey/roadmap and what they are doing in PEMD.
  • Their challenges and future PEMD supply chain requirements, with a view of exploring future opportunities for partnerships/collaborations/projects.

With a vested interest in growing UK capability and community in PEMD, this webinar series is a chance to:

  • Identify valuable partners
  • Build project consortiums
  • Articulate challenges
  • Gain supply chain knowledge
  • Drive new connections
  • Find creative solutions

All with the aim for you to seize the economic opportunities from the global transition to clean technologies and electrification.


Upcoming Webinars 


Engage with…Turbo Power Systems | 6 Aug, 3 PM | Register now

Join our upcoming Driving the Electric Revolution “Engage with…” webinar and hear all about Turbo Power Systems (TPS) from Nigel Jakeman – Engineering, Business Development Director and Co-Owner.

Turbo Power Systems (TPS) provides innovative high-speed machines and power electronic solutions for the Transport, Energy and Industrial markets. TPS will present their capabilities in the delivery of ‘cradle to grave’ power electronic drives & converters and high-speed permanent magnet machines, ranging from kW to multi MW and from 3,600 rpm to 160,000 rpm respectively, whilst explaining how early adoption of key emerging technologies has been and remains critical to their current and future project roadmap and success.

Engaging a Diverse Workforce for the Future | 27 Aug, 3PM | Register now

Join the discussion on how our community can reverse the decline in engineers, with the Driving the Electric Revolution team and guest host Jacqui Murray, Deputy Director of the Faraday Battery Challenge. This roundtable webinar will be talking about the importance of STEM activities for the future of engineering.

Previous Webinars from this series

Engage with…Belcan 

Slides will be available shortly.

Belcan is a global supplier of engineering, supply chain, technical recruiting and information technology services to customers in the aerospace, defence, automotive, industrial and Government sectors.

Engage with…Romax Technology

Slides will be available shortly.

Romax Technology provides world-leading solutions and expertise in multi-physics analysis and electro-mechanical design, working dynamically and collaboratively to make a global difference.

Experts in delivering cost, NVH, weight and performance optimization, they will provide insights into the specific expertise and facilities they can bring to the design and deployment of PEMD solutions and possible opportunities for collaborative projects and relationships.

Engage with…STFC

Slides are available here.

Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) provides UK businesses of any size, access to world-leading R&D facilities and expertise, to help solve problems impossible to tackle using conventional technologies and techniques.

Engage with…Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology

Slides are available here.

The University of Lincoln is one of the UK leading developers of agri-robotic technologies. The Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology specialises in robotic systems to support autonomous crop harvesting and electrification of farming. These are technologies which are of crucial and urgent importance post-COVID-19.

Engage with…ZF

Slides are available here.

ZF is a global technology company that supplies systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology, enabling the next generation of mobility. ZF allows vehicles to see, think and act. In the four technology domains Vehicle Motion Control, Integrated Safety, Automated Driving, and Electric Mobility, ZF offers comprehensive solutions for established vehicle manufacturers and newly emerging transport and mobility service providers.

Engage with…Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult 

Slides will be available shortly. 

The Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult focuses on helping industrial supply chains to exploit advances in compound semiconductors and systems, bringing applications to market. In power electronics and future electrification, their focus is on helping the UK industry to develop and commercialise next generation wide bandgap systems (primarily SiC and GaN) across the many markets in which these technologies provide disruptive solutions.

Engage With…Ricardo

Slides are available here.

Ricardo activities cover a range of market sectors including passenger car, commercial vehicle, rail, defence, motorsport, motorcycle, off-highway, marine, clean energy and power generation and government. Ricardo provides complete solutions for power electronics, from DC-DC Converters to motor inverters to Energy Storage and are involved in research and development activities in the fields of parallel device gate drives and wide-band-gap devices.

Engage With…Rolls-Royce

Slides are available here.

Rolls-Royce believe in the transforming potential of technology. Their focus is on pioneering the power that matters for the needs of tomorrow as well as today. Within the aerospace industry, there is a strong pull to accelerate electrification in both the Civil and Defence markets. PEMD is a key enabler for a more-electric gas turbine, and is also an enabler for longer term opportunities in electric flight at varying scales.

Engage With…Siemens

Slides are available here.

Siemens Digital Industries, Motion Control (DI MC) in the UK undertakes product design, supply chain definition and manufacturing, of over 1.2 million (per annum) industrial drive products for worldwide markets at their Congleton site. This extends from designing power electronics, drives and motor control solutions, which are used in a variety of applications such as water pumping stations, air handling systems, logistics conveyors, food & beverage production, machining, aerospace and automotive manufacturing plants.

Engage With…nexperia

Slides are available here.

nexperia is a global semiconductor manufacturer with a factory in Manchester. Their product range includes bipolar transistors, diodes, ESD protection, TVS diodes, MOSFETs and Logic devices.


Collaboration TV

Collaboration TV was an experimental method to network companies under the Driving the Electric Revolution challenge.

A different organisation presented every 20 minutes covering a wide variety of topics including catalyzing green innovation, manufacturing process development, design for manufacture testing & validation processes, circular economy, life cycle analysis, and recycling and materials recovery.

Organised & hosted by Simon Buckley it featured 10 companies presenting for three and a half hours. Lessons were learned in this Covid-19 period on how to improve networking to bring about collaboration between organisations.

You can find all presentation recordings here.

The Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge

The Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge is an investment of £80 million over 4 years. It was set up to help UK businesses seize the opportunities presented by the transition to a low carbon economy. It aims to ensure the UK leads the world in the design, development and manufacture of power electronic, machines and drives (PEMD) across 7 sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Energy
  • Off Highway
  • Rail
  • Industrial


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