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Three KTN Webinars on the Foundation Industries in June and July

Posted on 29/05/2020

KTN has hosted 2 webinars in June on the Foundation Industries, for which recordings are now available, and will be hosting a third webinar in July.

Scoping Transforming Foundation Industries Competitions in Response to Covid-19

Thursday, 4th June 2020


KTN and Innovate UK held this virtual workshop on 4th June to help shape the future R&D programme for the Transforming Foundation Industries challenge.


The UK foundation industries (covering metals, ceramics, paper, glass, chemicals and cement), with a combined turnover estimated at £69bn and representing around 3% of the UK economy (2014), face many common challenges and the opportunity to address these challenges through cross-sector collaboration is compelling, allowing for a convincing case to be made together for government support. Funding and strategic support are necessary to address industry productivity, global competitiveness and to meet sustainability goals.


This workshop explored if and how a new collaborative research and development competition can help the sector respond to the economic climate brought on by Covid 19 and, in particular, help industry maintain its critical research functions during this time of unprecedented disruption.


This workshop provided an opportunity for the sector to feed in to competition scope development, providing additional insights into how a possible new competition should be designed to best support the sector.


If you have any questions, please contact Robert Quarshie or Ajay Kapadia.


We have released a short survey for those who attended but want to add some comments and also for those that were unable to attend and want to submit their thoughts on this area. Please visit and use the code 13 04 74 to access the survey.


The recording from the session is available here.


Innovation Funding Masterclass – ISCF Wave 3 Transforming Foundation Industries

Friday 5th June 2020


This Masterclass covered Innovate UK Grants, Loans and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.


This masterclass WAS primarily aimed at those who are unfamiliar or would like to improve their success rate with the Innovate UK Innovation grant and loan applications as well as those who may be interested in KTPs.


The event recording is available here.


Transforming Foundation Industries Hub Briefing Event Webinar

Thursday 9th July 2020


EPSRC has issued a pre-announcement for this Hub competition. Further details are available here.


Find out about the £4.75m investment in a Research and Innovation Hub from the Transforming Foundation Industries ISCF Challenge at our webinar.


The Transforming Foundation Industries ISCF challenge will be investing up to £4.75m in a Research and Innovation Hub which will be delivered by EPSRC on behalf of UKRI. The aim of this challenge is to enable the foundation industries (made of six separate sectors: metal, glass, ceramics, paper, cement and bulk chemicals) to work together to address their common challenges of competitiveness and sustainability. The Research and Innovation Hub will provide a new cross-sector and multi-disciplinary research focus for the ‘ISCF Transforming Foundation Industries’ programme.


The aims of the webinar are to:

  • Provide information on the background of the Challenge
  • Answer any questions about the scope of the call
  • Provide an opportunity to network between different sectors and disciplines. This should propel discussions for collaborations on submitting a Research and Innovation Hub grant.


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