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New KTP Vacancy : Associate in Quantum-enhanced Logistics and Telematics

Posted on 20/11/2018

Latest associate vacancy from the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Programme.

As part of the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Programme between Heriot-Watt University and Trakm8, a new vacancy for the position of KTP Associate in Quantum-enhanced Logistics and Telematics is now available.

The position is located at Trakm8 PLC, Birmingham. Trakm8 deliver vehicle fleet management solutions, primarily driven by in-vehicle telematics units, tracking vehicle positions and a wealth of associated data e.g. how fast it’s traveling & how it is behaving internally. Revenue streams include: (i) sales of tracking units, dashboard cameras, diagnostic units; (ii) services based on generating insight from tracking data, e.g. risk evaluation for insurance companies; (iii) a wide range of optimisation services for fleets & other assets, ranging from standard delivery optimization to complex large mixed-fleet logistics.

The academic team at HWU is formed by Prof David Corne, expert in artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning, and Prof. Alessandro Fedrizzi, who heads the Edinburgh Mostly Quantum Lab, which develops photonic quantum technology for applications in quantum communication, computing, and sensing.

Skills required: Suitable candidates are likely to have a PhD in a technical area of mathematics, physics or computer science. However it is conceivable that some particularly strong MSc candidates could be appointable

  • Mathematical skills (minimally, those associated with a BSc in Computing or Engineering);
  • Computing skills (ideally via a BSc in Computing, or a Masters computing conversion course following a BSc in any other technical discipline;
  • A basic understanding of quantum mechanics and quantum computing (as may be obtained via a BSc or MSc course module on these topics, as part of either Computing, Maths or Physics degrees.
  • Excellent communication skills; including ability to explain complex concepts to stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds.

To find out more about this opportunity and how to apply, please click here.

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