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Prospering From the Energy Revolution Showcase

Posted on 13/01/2020

Conference and exhibition, 18 March, London

A key priority for the UK government is to create more efficient energy systems helping to meet targets for clean growth.  The Prospering From the Energy Revolution (PFER) programme, part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, is designed to fund energy system projects funded through the  which will deliver cleaner, cheaper, energy for consumers, while creating high value jobs and world-leading capability across for the UK.


A showcase event will be held in London on 18 March to highlight the cutting-edge approaches to local energy systems that are being developed through PFER.  This challenge is about showing people that they can live low carbon lifestyles in low carbon places more conveniently and more comfortably. It will revolutionise energy management for consumers through new smart systems that can deliver energy according to the society’s needs and wants from a modern energy supply that is clean, efficient and affordable. The local energy systems link energy supply, storage and demand patterns across power, heating and transport to improve efficiency, resilience, infrastructure productivity and service to consumers.


The event will feature:

  • short pitches from the funded projects to give an overview of their energy system design/demonstration.
  • an exhibition of the funded projects to allow you to discuss in more detail aspects of their energy system design/demonstration.
  • a panel discussion with UK energy system experts to discuss how we accelerate the move towards local energy systems of the future.
  • a session with EnergyRev, the academic consortium supporting the programme through academic research in the areas of energy systems, consumer engagement, data and AI, policy and finance.
  •  a session with ERIS (Energy Revolution Integration Service) provided by the Energy Systems Catapult who are providing advice to the funded projects on business models, commercialisation and system thinking.
  • a session for private investors to engage with the funded projects and get a better understanding of the investment potential.


Some of the topics covered by the funded projects include; power generation, supply and storage, heating/cooling generation, supply and storage, energy for transport (power and gas), digital integration and system optimisation and energy trading.


If you would like to attend the Showcase, please complete the registration at the link below. We are expecting a high demand for places at this event so we recommend early booking.


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