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Caroline Chibelushi

Knowledge Transfer Manager Artificial Intelligence

Profile overview

After completing my first degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I went to work in the oil exploration industry as an Electronic Engineer. I later moved on to complete my MSc (Communication Systems), PhD (Computer Science – AI) and other postgraduate courses. I designed and developed a system that contained the anomalies and evolution of the manufactured products for one of the three global players in energy transmission and distribution. I moved to higher education where my responsibilities focused on research, enterprise and commercialisation of novel ideas. I also did some teaching. I brought a large amount of external funding to the universities, supported the commercialisation of innovative ideas and developed universities’ business and enterprise networks.  I published papers, developed reports and supervised PhD students nationally and internationally. This experience helped me to take on the even bigger responsibility of managing a research- oriented SME involving artificial intelligence, big data analytics, systems and device development. The foci of this company’s activities are in four major sectors: health and social care, medicine, finance and security. I initiated, designed and developed AI products to reduce challenges in mental health, social and adult care, obesity, and caesarean birth. I developed a predictive model for an African stock market, and a system to identify tax fraud. I also initiated, designed and developed algorithms to predict and deter organised crime.

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