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Jan Stringer

Knowledge Transfer Adviser

Profile overview

Jan is the Knowledge Transfer Adviser covering Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and London East / Central

The KTP programme promotes business led, open innovation by connecting companies with academic expertise to enable them to grow their business. Jan looks after businesses supporting their projects with knowledge bases in many parts of the country. Jan also maintains relationships with a number of designated universities in relation to their participation in the programme.

Jan’s first degree was in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. She went on to work in a number of senior technical and commercial roles in GEC Marconi (Radar) Cable and Wireless (submarine cables) and two SMEs (microwave communications). Her passion for innovation prompted her to do a M.Sc . in Marketing and Strategy, focusing on New Product Development in UK SMEs. Jan loves encouraging early career graduates to achieve their goals, and working on the KTP programme has developed her skills in both managing innovation and mentoring.

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