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Monika Dunkel

KTM Emerging Technologies & Industries

Profile overview

Monika is part of the Emerging Technologies and Industries team, always at the spark of innovation.

Market analysis, spotting future tech trends and finding the right applications and markets for emerging technologies are the main focuses of her work at the KTN. Enabling technology to make life easier and more sustainable is her key professional motivator.

Monika is passionate about nature and how to learn from it; this has inspired a community building project called the Nature Inspired Solutions Special Interest group (NIS SIG).

The ambition of the NIS SIG is to convene nature inspired technology providers and industry challenge holders across the UK to help accelerate the market uptake of nature inspired solutions.

Monika’s twofold education, in international marketing and natural resources management, makes her ideally suited to translate and link across sectors in that area.

She can help you in making the relevant cross-sector connections and collaborating along the supply chain, or with R&D institutions and funding in the emerging technology space, and in particular, in nature inspired technologies.

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