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Profile overview

Sally is a member of the Materials team and manages the UK Circular Plastics Network, which strives to find the best outcomes for all sector plastic supply chains moving towards eliminating plastic waste entering the environment.

Sally is always looking for opportunities for businesses, academics and individuals to benefit from collaborations, knowledge or funds that will allow innovative research projects to make a difference with respect to polymer projects.

She holds a degree in chemistry and a doctorate in polymer technology and is a Fellow of the IOM3 (Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining). Her early research investigated the thermal decomposition of end of life plastics and rubbers and chemical modifications of polymer structures. She has worked for the Malaysian government developing natural rubber blends and formulations for transport and food sector applications and in the medical sector and has patents relating to medical applications for polymers and drug delivery devices. She has developed new polymer compounds to address the need to use materials compatible with HFA’s rather than CFC’s in order to meet climate change targets.

In addition to her KTN role she is the owner of an up-cycling business, is a regular beach cleaner and cannot stand waste.

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