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Synthetic Biology Leadership Council

Bringing together funding agencies, research community, industry, government and other stakeholders for strategic coordination of UK synthetic biology

The UK Government established the Engineering Biology Leadership Council (EBLC) – formerly known as the Synthetic Biology Leadership Council (SBLC) – to provide a steering structure governance body to assess progress and update recommendations and shape priorities for future implementation of the synthetic biology roadmap for the UK.


For up-to-date information on the EBLC, see the Engineering Biology Leadership Council.


The documents and news stories below all relate to the Synthetic Biology Leadership council’s activities prior to 2020.

Downloads & documents:

Synthetic Biology in the UK 2009-2019 – A Decade of Rapid Progress (2019)

UK Synthetic Biology Strategic Plan 2016 – Biodesign for the Bioeconomy (2016)

A Strategic Roadmap for Synthetic Biology in the UK (2012)

A Living Foundry for Synthetic Biological Materials – A Synthetic Biology Roadmap to New Advanced Materials (2018)

SBLC response to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruling of 25th July 2018 on the regulation of products developed using genome editing techniques. (2018)

Latest News
What are the aims of the SBLC?
The Synthetic Biology Leadership Council will be a co-ordinating body for the UK’s interests in the rapidly developing field of synthetic biology.
Meetings of the SBLC
The Leadership Council will meet at least three times per year, including one "open" meeting each year.
Latest Perspectives
Biodesign for the Bioeconomy - UK Strategic Plan for Synthetic Biology
The Strategic Plan for Synthetic Biology sets out a clear plan to ensure the UK maintains its position as a global leader in this exciting field.
Synthetic biology in the real world: Case studies
The wide-ranging applications of synthetic biology will play an important role in growing the UK's bioeconomy.
A Strategic Roadmap for Synthetic Biology in the UK - 2012
Synthetic biology has the potential to increase prosperity and address some of the major challenges facing our planet.
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