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UK Circular Plastics Network

UKCPN runs events and activities to bring together the diverse users of plastic products and realise the best means for reducing plastic waste.


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The UK Circular Plastics Network (UKCPN) aims to bring together the diverse users of plastic products and realise the best means for reducing plastic waste  entering the environment through a programme of networking and knowledge-sharing events and related support activities.

The Circular Plastics Network will create a coordinated, integrated and aligned community of stakeholders in order to share best practice, focused on unlocking the most critical, short term barriers to plastics circularity.

UKCPN will facilitate the following:

  • Eliminating the volume of plastic waste arising from within the UK.
  • Raising awareness and sharing best practice to improve the rate of UK plastic recycling.
  • Sharing best practice to reduce levels of confusion amongst citizens and highlighting user-centred design.
  • Showcasing innovation that is focused on reducing the amount of plastic ending up in the environment.

UKCPN is an activity supported by UK Research and Innovation, and forms part of the Plastics Research Innovation Fund (PRIF), which is engaging Britain’s best scientists and innovators to help move the country towards more circular economic and sustainable approaches to plastics.

The launch of UKCPN will bring to light the current situation regarding plastics and work to improve the country’s relationship with plastic and towards reducing plastic waste. This two-year programme brings together those with solutions to the problem and facilitates circular supply chain engagement with those solutions. More than 12 events will be undertaken throughout the UK over the next two years, while there will also be a website for the community to interact with one another (launching in early 2019). As well as this, a directory of companies relevant to this sector will be produced and encompassed in a larger landscape map accessible to all of the UK Circular Plastic members.

UKCPN has signed up as an engagement partner of the UK Plastics Pact. Read more about this here.


Upcoming Events in Plastics:

Thu 28 Mar – Wed 1 May – Plastics Circular Economy Pitchfest 2019, Birmingham & London

Wed 3rd Apr – Thu 11th Apr: Plastics Recycling Show, Amsterdam

Wed 22nd May – Sat 25th May: Plastpol Kielce, Poland

Tue 11th Jun – Wed 12th Jun: Plastics Design & Moulding, Manchester

Wed 19th Jun: SCI – Plastics from Cradle to Grave, London

Tue 18 – Thu 20 Feb 2020: MRE 2020, London

Mon 20 – Thu 23 April 2020 – PVC 2020 (Sponsored by UKCPN), Edinburgh


Plastics Circular Economy Pitchfest 2019:

Exclusively for members of UKCPN, KTN’s Access to Funding and Finance Team and UKCPN, are running an Investment Readiness Programme for companies working in the field of plastics circular economy. Pitchfest, taking place from 28th March to 1st May 2019, is  a pitching competition presenting a unique opportunity to raise the profile of the plastics circular economy in front of a national audience of investors.

At the end of the programme, companies will be able to better prepare an investor pitch and be more confident in delivery of their ‘story’. Companies that are successful on the selection day will pitch to a national audience of investors.

For more information including full summary of the programme please click here.

Application deadline: 27th March 2019

Apply now for Pitchfest here.

*Remember you have to be a member of UKCPN first to register for Pitchfest 2019. It’s free and takes less than a minute to register – you can do so here.


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Please click here to register to become a member of UKCPN.


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Membership of the UK Circular Plastics Network is free and will allow you free attendance at any of the scheduled events in the Network up until December 2020 (subject to availability). Please indicate on registration if you wish for your organisation to be listed on The Plastics Landscape Map (coming soon – an interactive tool for discovering companies working in the circular plastics space, innovations in progress, sector reports and more). Please also indicate whether you wish to keep up to date with news on UKCPN through its dedicated newsletter.

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